Publications & Rebates

As part of our mission of Delivering the Difference, we provide custom publications for our customers that showcase our products, recipes, and ideas.  To keep things fresh for you, every publication offers something different - it could be a promotional flyer, brochure, poster, recipe cards, even videos - every publication is custom designed with you in mind. Below are some of the publications that we offer annually:


2017 Grill Guide

The Grill Guide includes a detailed listing of Schweid & Sons burgers, The best Indian Ridge steaks for grilling, and important non-food items for the grill.
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2017 Golf and Ice Cream Guides

These guides include ice cream varieties and other summer staples such as chicken fingers, hot dogs, and hamburgers, as well as all the non-food products needed to serve hungry summer patrons.
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2017 Lent Guide

One of our most popular publications, the Renzi Lenten Guide features kosher menu items and recipes, including seafood dishes and more.


2017 Pizza & Wings Guide

The Renzi Pizza & Wings guide is also full of creative pizzas and wing sauces to take your pizza and wing combinations to the next level!



Below are our most current publications with links to view and download for your convenience.  Please contact your Sales Consultant to receive any of our past publications.